And a boy!! ^^

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And a boy!! ^^ Empty And a boy!! ^^

Post  Luthien on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:36 pm

Hey, I am now the lucky one =P This is also a present from my boyfriend.

In this case, the mini Bong-gu Raincoat. He was supposed to have reddish hair but when he arrived I realized that he has same hair colour as Hanako... I was quite annoyed by this because that was the reason of my choice. Anyway, I will love him the same =D.

And a boy!! ^^ 8461171598_80141bd24e
Welcome Luke! por Luthien00, en Flickr

His name is Luke, because he reminds me of the character Luke from the Professor Layton games. I love them!

And a boy!! ^^ 8461180966_36d1e570ac

He needed a good haircut...

And a boy!! ^^ 8461171650_b57bffb951

Much better now =D

And a boy!! ^^ 8460080995_b6755e9a2b

And that's all about him for now. You know that you can find more pictures and stuff in the blog, and

Hope you like him!! Cool

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And a boy!! ^^ Empty Re: And a boy!! ^^

Post  TrueFan on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:27 pm

You improved his hair cut a lot!

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